Tom at WordCandy is very articulate and creative so we really had to work hard to impress. We started this project with the design of his new logo. We worked on several ideas until we landed on the simple ‘candy like’ design you see today. We provided Tom with multiple vector formats of the logo for use on the web and in print.

WordCandy – Logo

The evolution of the WordCandy logo.

01 Logo design

Final Logo

After several adjustments and toying with different ideas, we settled on this. It’s simple, symmetrical, structured and effective.

02 Final logo

In between finishing the logo and starting the website we wanted to offer Tom a choice of colour palettes, we had already decided on blue so we came up with a number of combinations along with some examples of typography for him to see.

WordCandy – Colour Palettes

4 colour variations we’re designed for WordCandy.

03 Colour palettes

Final Colour Swatch

Here is the final choice made. This colour palette was then used for the final logo design and then mirrored throughout the website.

WordCandy – Website Mockup

Tom is a creative writer so he came up with the website copy so all we had to do was design a beautiful website. We drafted two mockups in Photoshop with a number of styles, backgrounds and textures until he was happy for us to start the build.

2 mockup designs we’re presented to WordCandy. This was the winner.

05 Mockup responsive desktop

A few days later and we had a working prototype for him to play around with. After a few minor adjustments and tweaks we have a stunning, fully responsive and professional looking website for the world to see. Tom at WordCandy is more than happy with his new portfolio website.

See it for yourselves at

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