Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines play a major part in our daily lives and they are evolving continuously to meet consumers needs in finding and displaying relevant content in many different forms. There are some SEO companies that try to trick search engines into ranking websites higher using dishonest methods, but algorithms update often to stop this. We believe that the only way to rank high is to create genuine, high quality and useful content for users.

mobile friendly for google

Usability, Experience & Content

Search engines are looking for long-clicks! When a user clicks through to a website, the search engine wants the user to stay on that website and not immediately hit the back button and return to the engine. The best way to do this is to have an engaging website, seems obvious right? Your website needs to present credible information in a user-friendly way and be professionally designed; ensuring that the user can navigate easily, understand the content and have an flawless user experience.

mobile friendly for yahoo and bing

Search Engine Friendly Designs

Our designs look great on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices! This is now a major factor for search engines ranking a website, over *30% of all global websites were served via mobile devices this year alone, therefore responsive design is something we focus on heavily because we understand formatting for these devices is crucial. Oh, we only use mobile safe media too, no flash animations here, HTML5 only!
*Global traffic stats via Statista

google analytics tracking

Measuring & Tracking Results

We use real-time analytics to track and measure our websites. We can provide these in-depth statistics on a monthly basis via email. These stats can help determine how well we’ve been doing and how best to move forward. We can track user engagement (per page), discover what pages are popular, view keywords used to find your site, see who is linking to you and lots more.

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