Often, businesses ask us to redesign their websites rather than building new from the ground up, this saves time and money and sometimes requires less resources – no need to create new content from scratch. If a company is happy with the content on their current website a re-design is simply the best way to go.

In this post we’ll explore how we transformed Aces Speed Shop from a basic e-commerce site into a feature rich, responsive and expandable store with a fresh modern look, new typography, dark colour palette and good use of stock photography.

Aces Homepage – Before

This is a screenshot of what the Aces website looked like before we got our hands on it.

Aces Homepage – After

Aces wanted simplicity so we stripped everything back and focused on a dark blue colour scheme to get us started. Then we turned our attention to typography and our highlight / secondary colour (Salmon pink). Once we had those two things in place we could start to form the page structure and begin to work with some stock photography.

Aces Shop Category Page – After

We always knew that by keeping our design simple the product photography would shine. Here you can see how our design compliments the products.

Aces Contact Page – After

Once we had our theme set, creating the inner pages (terms & conditions, contact page etc) was fairly quick and easy. Even on a typically boring page like a contact us page we manage to be bold and stand out with good use of type, colours and photography.

Conclusion / Thoughts

We worked hard to get Aces up and running and we’re super proud to show it off. We we’re very tempted to use lots of vintage / retro Americana graphics like signs and crazy typefaces but we we’re brave and kept things simple letting the products do the talking, and we think it paid off.

Screenshots never do a site justice so if you want to see the new design for yourselves, visit acesspeedshop.co.uk

If you would like us to re-design your website, call us on 01772 792679 or get a free quote via our contact form